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When Nightmares (almost) Happen

So I’ve just lived through a nightmare.  And I don’t want to just forget about it and move on. We were around the table at Grammy’s after supper last night and Grammy and Clarity had gone back outside after coming in for some warmer things.  It was getting cold, would be dark soon, and I didn’t think they’d be out much longer.  Time passed, we ate some ice cream and talked, and then Ryan looked out and didn’t see them.  I don’t remember exactly what prompted me to go out to find them, as I don’t think I was worried, but then I walked all around the house, looked up the roads (3 meet just by the house) and into the woods and found nothing.  That’s when I started to worry.  This wasn’t normal.  And that thought started getting louder.  Grammy is older, doesn’t walk often, and especially on cold nights with 2-year-old great-grandchildren.  She just wouldn’t walk up the road, and even if she did, not out of sight.  It didn’t make sense for her to go into the woods. She just does
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Picture taken by Ariel Huntress.  Check out her blog here:

How to have Beautiful Feet

First off, those are not my feet - it would seem kind of vain to post a picture of my own feet with the words "how beautiful" in large letters across them. :) And they're not my Dad's feet either (he doesn't care for pink nail polish on himself so much... :)), though he does preach the "gospel of peace."  These are my Grammy's feet, and I liked her pretty pink toes so much I wanted to do a post with them! My Grammy may not be an evangelist, but she has shared the "gospel of peace" with people, and between that and her pink painted toes, I'd say she has pretty feet.  And, if you think about it, if someone shared the good news (or "glad tidings") with you - that you don't have to go to Hell as punishment for all the wrong things you've done, but rather Someone has taken that punishment for you if you'll ask Him to save you and be your Way to Heaven - well, if you believed that person and ended up in Heaven inste

Pressing On

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I got this public domain picture by  Vera Kratochvil  here:

Frog's Wish ;)

In preparation for St. Patrick's day - which is just 1 week away!  I had fun with this one. :) The original picture is by Ginger Kelly and you can find it here:

His Words

This picture was taken by my Mom, in Tanzania, and of course, played with by me. :) His Word truly is our light.  I was crying recently about wishing I could hear His voice, but He's left us so very much to do in His written Word that I don't imagine I'll ever finish doing it all anyway - I'm trying, but falling very short.  But it would still be one of the most wonderful things imaginable to hear His voice with my own little ears.  And I plan to - Someday.  Till then I want to do my best to "keep plodding," and share His Words with everybody He would have me to here. :)

Finding Home

When I get stressed about all the unknowns of the future, this is a comforting thing to remember, to remind myself.  It goes well with, "...for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content."  Working on that one, and working on trusting God for the future.  He knows. "But what if I don't like it?" I feel like I've heard that from myself a lot lately about a lot of things and I think...I think that needs to change.  I guess I'll be working more on that contentment verse and the "Rejoice evermore," one.  But He knows.  And He loves me.  And I'm trying to love Him back right.  That's enough. :) Picture by Lilla Frerichs (